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JC The Bumble Bee  with APD

A book to help support your child, or someone you know, to understand Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) and why daily activities like hearing are extremely challenging.

Here's a snippet of the start and end of this 28 page book that includes:

  • Story about JC The Bumble Bee with APD; his everyday struggles and why things are a little different for this bee

  • Useful Information about APD

  • Parent/Caregiver Strategies & Tips

  • Teacher Tips

  • Songsheet for singing along to song:   "JC The Bumble Bee Loves To Sing"


While aimed at 5–10 year-old's, this story is not bound to any age, as the message of embracing our uniqueness, embracing our attributes and embracing life, is so powerful and I hope to add value in many lives!

JC The Bumble Bee with APD loves you


My name is Natalie Bryan

JC The Bumble Bee with APD is a book I have written and illustrated about a wee bumble on his life’s journey and how things can be a little different for this bee.

I hope his story will add value to kids, parents, families, communities, teachers, teacher aides, audiologists, doctors, and other specialists. My ultimate desire is to create more awareness around Auditory Processing Disorder, create more conversations and provide a resource to help support our kids who are being diagnosed with APD and have no idea why daily activities as simple as hearing are extremely challenging.

This story is based on our son Jackson Cooper (JC) who is 10 years old. From an early age it was obvious that he had challenges. After many years of testing, reports, speech therapy, physio, seminars, paediatricians, educational psychologists, I had knowledge and experience to help other parents. Naturally becoming a support for them when their children were having challenges and needed advice as to where to start and how to help their sons and daughters.


This resource has organically flowed and now I am wanting this to reach other kids, parents, teachers, audiologists, to have a fun story they can read to children to let them know they are not alone.

Natalie Bryan - Author & Illustrator - JC The Bumble Bee with APD

Show Your Support with a T-shirt

Available in both kids and women's sizes

JC The Bumble Bee with APD loves you

Colour JC The Bumble Bee

Click the button below to download this page and colour in JC The Bumble Bee and the kowhai flowers and leaves.


Colour in the same as the book cover, or let your creativity shine and use any colours you like!

JC Colouring A4
Untitled design (69).png
JC The Bumble Bee Song

This song was written to accompany the book and further help and support children with APD and their families. It was specially created and made with those that live with APD in mind.


AJ Crawshaw is the singer and musician playing the guitar and piano. We had a lot of fun making it. We hope you enjoy listening and singing along to the song.


©Lyrics by Natalie Bryan,

Music by AJ Crawshaw

JC The Bumble Bee  Loves To Sing

Thank Yous

Crawshaw Music School logo.jpg

A massive Thank you to AJ Crawshaw, Director of Crawshaw Music School, who collaborated with me to create a special song for JC and his fans.

AJ is an extremely talented creative, TEDx speaker, professional musician, CEO at Crawshaw Music School and devoted father on the Kapiti Coast. I couldn’t be more humbled and grateful to work with such an amazing person on this project.

Precise Print Logo.png

A huge Thank You to all the staff at Precise Print and Design on the Kapiti Coast. Kim, Kate and Sean have been absolutely amazing to deal with. They have been extremely helpful and supportive throughout the whole process. Their knowledge and professionalism have been beyond amazing and the final products produced are of a very high standard. I couldn’t be happier.


I am extremely grateful and would highly recommend speaking to the team at Precise Print for any printing needs. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

JC The Bumble Bee with APD loves you

Book Reviews

“Awareness of the listening process is very low. We understand how important it is to be able to speak clearly in order to communicate our ideas, but scarcely any attention is paid to “the other side of communication” that is listening.  And yet there can be no spoken communication without the involvement of a listener. We struggle to understand how listening difficulties contribute to behaviour.  In the past these behaviours have often been attributed to lack of intelligence, or interest, or even rudeness.

Natalie has made a brave attempt to present her experiences with her son’s auditory inefficiency into an attractive book for families, in the hope that it will help to increase awareness of the importance of listening, especially for young children.

Any resource which increases awareness of the importance of listening to “auditory receptive communication function” can only be a good thing."

Richard Bishop AuD, MNZAS- Behavioural & Clinical Audiologist, Wellington

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