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JC The Bumble Bee with APD - Off-To-Hollywood

Our Story

Natalie Bryan - Author, Illustrator - JC The Bumble Bee with APD

I, Natalie Bryan, am a creative, passionate advocate for my son Jackson Cooper (JC) and any family that lives with APD, or has learning challenges. This book is based on our personal story and JC's journey.


There are many diagnoses in my family, so I have understanding about ADHD, vision processing disorder, dyslexia, APD and dyscalculia. I wanted to share and create a resource to help others so everyone can live their most authentic, genuine and inspired life and be the best version they can be. I want our kids to be empowered and advocate that we are all unique and they can totally rock their attributes with confidence!!!!

It's my calling to help educate those that know nothing, or little, about APD. I want to create a space for more understanding, not only among communities, but providing an opportunity for my son to stand tall, be a leader, and know that his dreams can become a reality.

This story is bigger than just APD alone, its overall message is we are all unique, we are all on our own path of discovery and once you realise that you are amazing no matter what strengths and challenges that you may have, there is so much value, inspiration and joy you can bring to this world. You just have to Beelieve!


I am a mother to two wonderful children, Jackson and Mia, supported by my loving husband Phil. Together we run a successful tiling business. Alongside that, I am a transformational life coach and artist. I love nature, being outside on my farm with my animals and immersing myself in the rural community, spending quality time with family and friends, creating lifelong memories.


JC & Mia

Jackson & Mia

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