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Song - JC The Bumble Bee™ Loves To Sing

Song - JC The Bumble Bee™ Loves To Sing


Digital download of the song: "JC The Bumble Bee™ Loves To Sing"


This song was written to accompany the book and further help and support children with APD and their families. It was specially created and made with those that live with APD in mind. AJ Crawshaw is the singer and musician playing the guitar and piano. We had a lot of fun making it. We hope you enjoy listening and singing along to the song.


©Lyrics by Natalie Bryan Music by AJ Crawshaw


When you purchase this song, you will receive an email with the following:

- a link to download the song

- a link to a lyric video of JC The Bumble Bee™ Loves To Sing on Youtube

- a copy of the songsheet so you can sing-along


AJ Crawshaw is an extremely talented creative, TEDx speaker, professional musician, CEO at Crawshaw Music School and devoted father on the Kapiti Coast. I couldn’t be more humbled and grateful to work with such an amazing person on this project. We hope you love the song as much as we do. We had great fun making it together!


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