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Book - JC The Bumble Bee™ with APD

Book - JC The Bumble Bee™ with APD


Written and illustrated by Natalie Bryan, this book is for kids with Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) - to help your child or someone you know to understand APD. Creating knowledge and empowerment for our kids to be leaders and advocate for themselves and others. They deserve their best life! Believing in themselves with love, and kindness is instrumental to them achieving their dreams and making them a reality.


APD is a very complex diagnosis and falls under the umbrella of so many other diagnoses that as long as I can get more awareness, then maybe a child that is struggling may be able to get some help. This book is helpful for not just the children with APD, but is also a great resource for parents, friends, families, teachers, schools and audiologists. Even though this book is aimed at 5–10 year-old's, this story is not bound to any age, as the message of embracing our uniqueness, embracing our attributes and embracing life, is so powerful and I hope to add value in many lives!


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    This story is based on our son Jackson Cooper (JC) who is 10 years old. From an early age it was obvious that he had challenges. After many years of testing, reports, speech therapy, physio, seminars, paediatricians, educational psychologists, I had knowledge and experience to help other parents. This resource has organically flowed and now I am wanting this to reach other kids, parents, teachers, audiologists, to have a fun story they can read to children to let them know they are not alone.


    There is no book like this on the market. There is a huge gap and need for a fun and easy to understand story that is child friendly, filled with emotions, but also provides a meaningful resource to help support kids on their journey wtih APD.


    This 28 page book includes:

    • Story about JC The Bumble Bee™ with APD; his everyday struggles and why things are a little different for this bee

    • Useful Information about APD

    • Parent/Caregiver Strategies & Tips

    • Teacher Tips

    • Songsheet for singing along to the song: "JC The Bumble Bee™ Loves To Sing"


    "JC The Bumble Bee™ captures what it is like to have APD. It sends a good message that there are ways to manage difficult listening situations, and thrive when supported and understood by others. Great story!"

    - Gemma Sheehan Audiologist and Director

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